The primary objective of the working group Fraud Detection & Prevention incl. AML Group is to provide a forum for discussion and insights on all fraud detection/fraud prevention and any money laundering issues in connection with the Blockchain-technology. The Group will look to identify issues which may impact the daily operations and functions of entities utilizing the Blockchain-technology and share its views on these matters among the thinkBLOCKtank members, the general public as well as policy makers. Furthermore, it is planned to contribute valuable input to ongoing and future legislative matters in an effort to create a well-balanced approach between regulatory necessities on the one hand and entrepreneurial freedom on the other hand.

If you would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact the group head Lennart Lorenz

Further members of the group: Catarina dos Santos VelosoNiels Gade-Jacobson, Alireza Siadat and Elfriede Sixt