The Accounting and Tax working group will provide a discussion and insight forum on all accounting and tax issues related to digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. In addition, the group will contribute valuable input to answer the questions arising when dealing with accounting and taxation matters in the crypto-space. This will be done via a paper summarizing the ongoing discussions including proposals on how to categorize and how to account for digital assets. The paper will also include some thoughts on tax issues and tax considerations of digital assets and will be written from a national as well as international (IFRS) perspective.

You are interested in contributing? Do not hesitate to contact the group head Elfriede Sixt.

Further members of the group: Prof. Dr. Heribert AnzingerAudrey Rouach BavarelProf. Dr. Tina Ehrke-Rabel, Niels Gade-JacobsenKlaus Himmer